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Throughout time, Eliev provides a versatile yet timeless design to…

Throughout time, Eliev provides a versatile yet timeless design to the most collections to our loyal customers. Steal their looks to be inspired and create your own OOTD.

Devina Putri (@devinaputrii)

The fashionable way to wear minimalist-inspired is a matching colour outfit. In classic Ivy Heels in white allow your outfit a clean, modern and minimalist aesthetic. 


Meira ( @meiraniap)

If you are headed for the city to stomp the ground, strike the perfect streetwear balance by pairing our slip-on sneakers in sartorial colour balance. 

Narya Rahma (@naryarahma)

In craving for looking effortlessly stylish? Take the example of Narya’s look by pairing our Ivy heels in a neutral colour with a lightweight chiffon outfit to create a minimalist yet versatile street style look. 

Dinda Maulina ( @dindamaulinaaa)

Whether you are going for late brunch or stomping ground, follow Dinda’s stylish footsteps and create a balanced look with our neutral shades thong heeled sandals.